Thursday, March 30, 2023

LastPass Password Manager Has Been Hacked

LastPass has both a free and a paid version of its password manager. In August of this year, it came clean about some suspicious activity this has did find on its platform. There is a version of LastPass that you can pay for.

The warning came from LastPass CEO Karim Toubba, who wrote a blog post about it on the company’s community website. The message says that an unauthorized person is using a developer account with a hack to get into the LastPass development environment. Using another programmer’s credentials.

Some of the company’s exclusive technical know-how and source code, according to the blog post. The blog post reassures readers that their passwords and also data are safe.

The company says it has hired reputable cybersecurity and forensics firm to help it figure out what happened and has already taken steps to stop the problem and fix it. The company also says that it has hired a forensics company.

All of the company’s products and services are working normally right now. The company has added more layers of security and is looking into other ways to reduce risks.

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At last, LastPass users found out that their master password had not been stolen during the data hack earlier this year. The company also said that it doesn’t store or know the master passwords that its customers use. It doesn’t have access to those passwords either. The company uses a Zero Knowledge design, which is the gold standard in this field, to make sure that it never knows or has access to the master passwords of its customers.

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