Thursday, June 8, 2023

Lance Reddick explains how Albert Wesker is alive

Netflix released all eight episodes of Resident Evil on Thursday. The series focuses on Dr. Albert Wesker’s discovery of the T-virus drug and its horrific repercussions 14 years later. Wesker died in 2009 after falling into a volcano and being hit by an explosion.

Episode 7’s 2005 flashback reveals how Wesker appears despite his fiery demise. The evil scientist cloned himself in a mountain bunker, generating Albert, Bert, and Alby. When Umbrella Corporation CEO Evelyn interrupts Wesker’s experiment with her soldiers, he kills Alby and flees.

Lance Reddick, who plays Wesker, says Albert is a clone of the Wesker who died in the volcano. The frightening, shades-wearing guy in the flashback is the genuine Wesker, who is “still alive” in a bunker with his clones.

“If he’s wonderful, more of him is better. Reddick: “I could make scientific advances faster.” “He wants to conquer the world, not change it. He’s a megalomaniac and psychopath.”

Showrunner Andrew Dabb chose clones to bring back Wesker.

Resident Evil has always featured clones. Dabb tells TVLine it became clear in several ways. “This show is about parents and children, whether it’s Albert and his daughters, Jade and her daughter, or the original Wesker and his children because he reared them.

Twins Bert pretends to be Albert and gets aggressive over Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks, shocking Jade and Billie. Their dad isn’t who they thought he was.

“They know who he is,” Dabb says. “If you say, ‘Oh my gosh, my dad was this dreadful guy,’ they know.” I’m Hitler’s clone; my dad was Hitler. So what? I think [Billie and Jade] struggle with this. Albert says he’s nothing like his dad. As the show progresses, you notice he may be more like his dad than we assumed.

In the conclusion, Albert blows up the Umbrella lab to assist his children escape after Billie gets infected with the T-virus. Bert, seen with Billie and Jade in 2022, is the final known clone.

Warning: This contains Resident Evil spoilers from all eight episodes.

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