Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Lalisa Manobal delighted her fans with her traditional Thai outfit

Thai rapper Lalisa Manobal released her debut solo single where she decided to show off her Thai outfit by wearing a traditional golden headpiece in the music video. The video for Lisa’s debut solo song, “Lalisa,” has seen more than 100 million times on YouTube since it has released.

As a Thai-born South Korean vocalist, the singer explained why she included a nod to her homeland in her first solo song. An ornate golden throne and the traditional Thai dancing headdress worn by Manoban have also seen.

Lisa explained that she wanted to incorporate some of the song’s Thai influences. Lisa made this statement at the unveiling of the “LALISA” music video. Because of this, I was overcome with emotion and joy.

Moreover, she has won as well as nominated for many music awards.

Samorn Suthiwong, a sales associate at the market’s Fashion Point, says that customers have been approaching her all day. They are asking about the various styles and colours of headgear she carries and how much she charges for them. A lot of people are ordering Lalisa Manobal Thai outfit items from us via the online and physical shops.

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