Monday, September 25, 2023

Lahore Police register FIR after woman assaulted on Independence Day

Another frightful instance of violence against women saw hundreds of males assaulted a female in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park.

After a video came to light, hundreds of men attacked a woman with 4 of her friends to celebrate the Day of Independence, showed a virus. The event came to light.

Geo News reports that 400 persons allegedly involved in the event have been registered in the case by the police.

Together with pals, the victim produced a video of TikTok in the park, when swarms of people from all ages went up and assaulted the woman.

The woman informed the authorities that the males were tossing her off, tearing her clothes, hitting her and throwing her into the air. They have also stolen Rs15,000 from her, snapped on her cell phone and picked up the gold and gold ring.

Many of the hundreds, who merely stood and even wrote a video there, came to the rescue of women, just one person was there to help them get out of the park.

In immediate notice of the event, Inspector General Punjab initiated an action against 400 individuals in the woman’s complaint. Nobody been recognized so far, though.

Police claimed the offenders are identified and apprehended with the aid of forensics.

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