Monday, December 4, 2023

LA Court End Remote Audio Program Following Illicit Britney Spears Recording

A Los Angeles court will no longer host its remote programming after the Britney Spears Conservatory noticed an audio leak that reached audiences.

During a preservation order from singer Toxic, Los Angeles district judge Brenda Penny clarified that the recording was not permitted.

However, the sound from the trial was broadcast over the internet, prompting the court to take action by ending its remote audio attendance program.

According to the 2019 California Court of Justice Rules: “Any violation of this rule or order under this provision constitutes unlawful interference in the judicial process and may constitute the basis for an order to stop media coverage, by reason of the court’s waiver to impose monetary sanctions in return. damages, or other penalties provided for by law.”

Ann E. Donlan, director of communications for the Los Angeles Supreme Court, said when asked about the court’s policy to take action if illegal records were made during a trial: California Code of Civil Procedure 1209 and other applicable statutes. “

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