Friday, February 23, 2024

Kylie Jenner’s TikTok recalls Travis Scott moment

Kylie Jenner’s fans told her about a funny time when her boyfriend Travis Scott couldn’t remember the names of the reality star’s pets.

Followers took to the comment section of Kylie’s most recent TikTok video to make fun of the couple’s 2018 interview, in which Travis was unable to name all of Kylie’s dogs, which prompted fans to take to the comment section.

The woman, who is a mother of two, can be seen in the video joking around with her six canine companions. An influential person named Remi Bader had this to say in response to the video: “Why did they just keep coming?” LMAO, a whole bunch of people! This is such a sweet gesture.

Kylie responded to the message with a laughing emoji, and one of her fans wrote that they “get why Travis didn’t know their names now.”

The comment made by the follower made reference to the GQ interview in which Travis had difficulty remembering the name of one of the dogs. He said, “There’s a female, Pretty, or like, what’s her name?” and Kylie responded, “Her name is Bambi!”

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