Monday, May 29, 2023

Kylie Jenner’s make-up regimen takes three and a half hours

It takes three and a half hours to finish Kylie Jenner‘s makeup regimen. The Kardashians star has admitted that it takes a long time to make sure her appearance is glamorous, and she has disclosed how long it takes.

She spoke on a video of a beauty tutorial, saying, “First of all I work throughout the day on my phone, but then only when I have a little fun is the way I’m going to go through three and a half hours of makeup with you.”

Kylie previously opened her mother’s beauty counsel Kris Jenner, and she stated she was grateful to have her mother available for assistance on skincare when she was younger.

And she said: She said: “I certainly had my first encounter with face washing! For day and night I walked through this usual adolescent phase and need a decent, basic face cleanser. My mother truly supported me through all this – and she really understood what things she could get from my elderly sisters so many times!”

Kylie has previously disclosed that they are on a ‘hair health journey’ because her hair extensions are known to swiftly change their hairdo, but as the coronavirus epidemic has now allowed her more time indoors, she has decided to accept her naturally occurring locks.

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