Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kunduz, a city in northern Afghanistan, has been captured by the Taliban

On Sunday, the Talibans declared they had taken over the main Afghan town of Kunduz, a claim that the AFP journalist in the neighbouring area corroborated, while heated battles raged in the centre of Shar-e-pul, a second capital of the north.

“Kunduz fell; the Taliban took all the main facilities in the city,” stated an AFP journalist.

The Taliban have reached the city centre through a Sar-e-Pul lawyer and “the street to the street is underway.” AFP has been reported.

Two provincial capital cities have been captured by the Taliban since Friday, but the most important thing to do is Kunduz in the far north since the rebels launched an attack in May, as the international forces began the last phases of their retreat.

“The Taliban entered the city’s central plaza. They’re being bombed by aircraft,” claimed Abdul Aziz, a telephoned local.

Afghan government troops have left the countryside mainly to the Taliban, but are now fighting to defend a number of towns around the nation.

On Friday, the Taliban captured Zaranj in Nimroz, their first Provincial capital, then took Sheberghan to Jawzjan a day later.

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