Monday, April 15, 2024

Kubra Khan to sue Adil Raja in the UK

Kubra Khan, an actress, has said that she will sue Major (ret.) Adil Raja, a fugitive military officer, for making false claims against her.

In a statement that was released on Monday, she indicated that she would take legal action against Raja in the United Kingdom if he did not apologize to her and recant his charges. She also said that she would take legal action against him anyway.

Adil Raja is a propagandist who has a history of slandering people on his YouTube channel. Kubra Khan told him to back up his accusations with proof or be ready to face legal action. Adil Raja did not respond to Kubra Khan’s challenge.

Adil Raja, who has helped Imran Riaz Khan and other YouTubers turn the PTI against the army, said that some Pakistani actresses and models were working with General (ret.) Bajwa and former ISI head Faiz Hameed to set politicians up.

Imran Riaz Khan and some other YouTubers have also played a role in pitting the PTI against the army.

Despite the fact that he only provided the actresses’ initials rather than their full names, it was immediately clear to the hundreds of people who follow him who he was referring to.

It wasn’t long until a huge number of people on social media began sharing a photo collage that featured Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan, and Sajal Ali. This happened shortly after his vlog was made public on the internet.

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