Sunday, October 1, 2023

KP Govt Food Department is fully digitized

KP (KPMinister )’s of Food, Science, Technology, Information Technology, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Atif Khan officially started the department’s fully digitized operations on Wednesday.

He pressed the button at the food directorate to turn on the new system. Making it a big deal for the food industry in the province.

During his speech, the minister went into more detail about how the ICT-based intervention is a whole process. Includes everything from managing storage facilities to controlling fleets and doing electronic inspections.

With the push of a button, the government can now easily access and look at records about the wheat stock. This helps them make better decisions about policy. He went on to say that the KP government is working hard to get rid of mistakes. Discrepancies in records by using ICT interventions and digitizing the system.

With the new technology, authorities might become able to look at each warehouse’s records right away, not that it is possible when books then do keep on paper.

KP Food Department Secretary Mushtaq Ahmad said the Food Department’s supply chain management system (SCMS) will also be digitized as part of the government’s push to do more without paper. It is possible to guess how much grain the province will need in the future. So how much grain did buy in the province first and how much comes from other countries? It will also keep a list of vendors and organizations that buy things.

The secretary says that the Fleet Management System will keep track of all the transportation companies’ vehicles in the province. Then, no matter where a vehicle is in the system at any time, it does track in real-time.

In the same way, the Statistical Branch Management (SBM) system will help people make decisions by making reporting dashboards that the right people can use at certain times.

The KP Food Safety and Halal Food Authority’s Laboratory Management Information System (MIS). Which is in use by both their mobile and permanent labs. Make it easier to test food without making mistakes.

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Every lab’s testing equipment will send the results of every food sample test right away to the centralized MIS. With this information, food regulators may become able to spot trends in tainted food and focus on the most dangerous categories. Secretary Ahmad says that food department inspections are also part of the new system.

As part of the E-Inspection process, field workers will use a smartphone app to report on their inspection work each day. Employees are able to print out electronic challans. People who break the rules can pay their fines by wiring the money to the bank.

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