Sunday, October 1, 2023

King Charles told to bring ‘new brand’ after demolishing “family” institution

After eliminating the family monarchy, Charles III is urged to find a new value. Tessa Dunlop, who writes about the royal family, says that the King has changed the idea that made the royal family popular when Queen Elizabeth II was in charge.

Tessa told the Mirror, “Elizabeth married war hero Philip 75 years ago.” In a record-breaking year for weddings, 200 million people listened to their weddings.

“Britain’s pin-up family, the Windsors, had soared.” Within a year, Prince Charles was born, securing the throne.

In the nuclear family era, divorce laws didn’t alter for 20 years.

Elizabeth and Philip were the perfect match in a fast-changing world, whatever transpired behind closed doors. Theirs would be hard to top. Tessa said Charles will carry on the legacy.

Charles was under enormous pressure by 1980. Another royal wedding was wanted. His marriage appeared to be the perfect second act: a blushing bride and her sailor-prince.

Divorce was common, celebrity culture was distorted, and infidelity was condemned. Charles and Diana’s big wedding flopped. “The monarchy collapsed.”

“Like his parents, Charles is a product of his generation.” Can our “everyman king” replace family monarchy? “Our divided nation needs it,” she said.

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