Wednesday, December 6, 2023

King Charles’ nasty remark to Harry and William was recorded

Before he became king, Charles had many embarrassing moments, like when he and his sons William and Harry messed up with a microphone.

A famous royal throwback moment from when Charles was on vacation with William and Harry in the Swiss Alps and made a harsh joke about a journalist was recently published by Mirror UK.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell asked about Charles’ planned wedding to Camilla, who was known as the “other woman” in his marriage to Diana at the time.

When questioned about his second wedding, King Charles reportedly told his sons, “I’m happy you heard about it anyway,” before adding, “Bloody people.” He’s intolerable. Bad guy. Indeed.

Prince William soon joined in to lighten the mood by stating, “As long as I don’t lose the rings.” I have one obligation, so I’ll mess up.

Charles’ comment on Witchell wasn’t a surprise, given that he wasn’t a fan of the journalist who first reported Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

Charles and Camilla have been married since April 2005.

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