Saturday, March 25, 2023

King Charles III’s swans are infected with bird flu

King Charles III’s swans are infected with bird flu. A third of King Charles III’s swans on the Thames have died since last Thursday.

Charities reportedly spent six days removing 70 members of the royal flock.

His Majesty will be “very unhappy,” sources told The Sun. King Charles is the head ranger at Windsor, where he is very interested in the wildlife.

Windsor Castle source: “He’ll be furious about the outbreak.”

Swan Support’s rescue chief said, “We have 66 dead so far, but the phone is continually ringing with additional reports. We’re working hard to gather up all the deceased swans.”

In January, seven swans died in the same area from the same illness.

She continued, “I’ve cared for the royal swans for 30 years under the palace and never seen anything like this.”

“The speed at which these swans are dying is frightening; we pluck them out of the water every day.”

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