Thursday, March 30, 2023

King Charles III reaches a ‘scary’ milestone

Royal analyst Daniela Elser says King Charles will reach a ‘scary’ milestone this week.

Elser wrote for News AU that even though King Charles is having problems with his own family this month, like Prince Harry’s planned biography and Prince Andrew’s attempts to come back, he is about to reach a strange milestone.

Elser wrote: “Later this week, King Charles III will surpass the 78 days that Edward V accomplished as king (officially) before his homicidal uncle Richard III put him and his brother into the Tower of London.”

“The boys were never seen again,” Elser said. “Maybe the particularly harsh trots of Edward V would help keep things in perspective for our King—no one is threatening to cut off his noggin – because this week His Majesty faces a variety of simmering crises and controversies. Simultaneously.”

Elser then pointed out the issues King Charles is experiencing and remarked, “The king is entering a new reputational period of his reign with affection for Queen Elizabeth dwindling and the novelty of Charles in command waning.”

“His Majesty should show the UK what he’s made of,” she said.

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