Friday, September 29, 2023

King Charles III gives fans a tour of Buckingham Palace kitchens

On Tuesday, King Charles III entertained guests at Buckingham Palace by holding the first official state dinner of his reign. The monarch also gave guests an unparalleled look into the palace’s kitchens.

Followers of the royal family’s official Instagram account were given a peek behind-the-scenes at the preparations being made by palace employees in advance of the state luncheon that was held in honour of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Palace.
The lovely video shows the royal cooks making beautiful pink flowers out of moldable sugar, then hand-painting them with edible glitter and exhibiting them in an elegant gold dish. The flowers are then placed in the dish to be admired.
The following is an excerpt from the post: “The South African national flower, the protea, has been reproduced out of sugar and painted with edible colour, and it will be offered alongside petit fours and coffee.”
The viewers were also given a glimpse into the seemingly never-ending process of preparing vegetables that takes place in the lead-up to a state dinner, with the chefs cleaning, peeling, and slicing a wide variety of seasonal produce.
The social media account belonging to the royal family is generally used just for posting official photographs taken during royal engagements or statements made by members of the royal family. However, the extraordinary video has left its followers completely bewildered.

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