Friday, December 1, 2023

Kim Kardashian on “letting loose” in her 40s

Kim Kardashian discusses her decision to start drinking alcohol and drinking coffee at the age of 42 in a new interview.

This confession was made by the reality TV star as she was being interviewed on The Goop Podcast.

There, she discussed her choice to resume drinking and ingesting caffeine and even stated in her defence, “I started to drink a little bit at the age of 42.” She was commenting on her decision to start drinking and using caffeine again. coffee and liquor, please.”

When asked for her reasoning, taking into account her advancing years, Kim stated, “I feel like I simply have to let go a little bit.”

“I simply feel like I put in a lot of work, and I concentrate‚Ķ It’s meetings about products, tests of products, discussions about packaging, and meetings about everything else for SKKN all day long after school.

“I simply never feel comfortable just laying around doing nothing,” she said. “It’s just not my thing.”

My solution to this problem has been to spend some time with my friends, have a drink with them, and stay out a little bit later than I probably would have done in the past.

Before drawing to a close, she made it quite obvious that, on the majority of days, “I have two shots and I’m like, so fantastic.” “It has been enjoyable.”

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