Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kim Kardashian’s black boots and shorts are hot

The temperature has been rising as a result of the dramatic choice of outfit that Kim Kardashian wore, in which the reality star let her footwear do the talking.

On Monday, the mother of four shared a new mirror selfie along with some words of advice for fashionistas. She did this by posting it on Instagram.

Kim wore a pair of teeny-tiny shorts and accessorised them with a pair of dramatic black boots. She wore her blonde hair down in a straight style with a centre part.

A casual Adidas top that appeared to be a product of a collaboration between Balenciaga and Adidas was also seen on the 42-year-old. “Hey,” she wrote as the post’s caption.

Pete Davidson and Kim have recently ended their relationship, but they are still on friendly terms.
A source close to the situation revealed to The Sun that the two people “do still talk a lot; they are good friends and laugh a lot; he’s holding in there and telling her that he would jump on a plane at a moment’s notice for her.”

“But Kim believes that life is simply too messy at the moment, and she does not want anything serious right now, whereas it is abundantly clear that he does.”

According to another source, “she doesn’t want to string him along; she doesn’t want to do that and give him hope there’s a chance when she knows there’s not.”

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