Monday, April 15, 2024

TikToker accused Kim Kardashian of photoshopping her neck muscle in poolside photo

Kim K’s latest Instagram posts have gotten a lot of attention. Kardashian is showing followers glimpses of her ladies getaways and poolside fun after her breakup with Pete Davidson. Whereas, one specific photo of the Kim Kardashian is going viral which eagle-eyed netizens accused her of photoshopping.

A TikToker’s accusation of photoshopping the space between neck and shoulders in photo of Kim Kardashian brought unexpected attention on internet. TikTok user demonstrated the effects of a reverse-photoshop technique on one of Kim’s images. He is contrasting the altered version with the original.

CLICK HERE to see her origional photo.

However, Kim has not yet responded to the most recent photoshop claim against her. She has already silenced criticism of a similar charge that she had edited her belly button. Kim had responded to the same on Instagram, writing, “Aw, man… Seriously! What an utter waste of time! Saying I faked not having a belly button in the shot.”

Kim has a history of photoshop allegations, most notably for allegedly altering the appearance of her ex-boyfriend Pete’s jaw. After posting a video of Pete giving her a passionate kiss, Kardashian felt compelled to respond to her followers. Although Kim is not the only member of the Kardashian family has accused of photoshopping. Her sister Khloe has called out by fans on several times in the past.

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