Sunday, December 10, 2023

Israel is responsible for killing innocent civilians in Gaza

The Israeli military said it was only aimed at buildings linked to Hamas and other armed groups. Israeli Prime Minister accused Hamas of using civilians as “human shields”. First hours of the latest escalation, civilians have been targeted by high-tech F16 and F35 aircrafts. Missiles attack resulted in killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

Moreover, UN Human Rights chief Michel Bachelet said, “she saw no evidence to support Israel’s claim that the buildings they bombed in Gaza were hosting “armed groups or for military purposes”. According to the United Nations, six hospitals, nine health centers and a desalination plant were damaged in the fighting. The road to Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical facility in the Gaza Strip, was also damaged. It was the enclave’s only COVID-19 testing laboratory. The recent decision by the UN Human Rights Council to open an ongoing investigation into human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine is a “welcome step” that calls on Israel to cooperate.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) had also opened an investigation into previous outbreaks of the conflict. Netanyahu accused the ICC of “pure anti-Semitism” in investigating the attack, saying Israel does not, but must not, accept the ICC’s jurisdiction. But Stein said the court could operate without Israel’s consent. ICC is just starting the process, which will take years to actually carry out an investigation. Then another year until someone will charge, and then another year when someone is in jail.

Israel has not stopped on killing innocent civilians…

For an attack to be legal, it must be aimed at a military target and proportionately.  But due to the lack of an international humanitarian law enforcement mechanism is a problem. So, that countries can violate the basic rules of international law and nothing will happen.

The skyline of the metropolis home to nearly 600,000 people has changed significantly since May 10. Al Jalaa building was one of several high-rise buildings in Gaza City that was target by Israeli air strikes. It houses several media organizations such as the offices of Al-Jazeera and the associated press.

In addition to at least 2,000 housing units destroyed and more than 15,000 other units, Gaza’s already damaged infrastructure has also severely affected. Tens of thousands of Gazans had forced to flee their homes with their families last month during 11 days of fighting between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants.

Every family in Gaza has affected. Many loved ones have disappeared, livelihoods have destroyed and homes have reduced to rubble. Israel’s killing innocent civilians include 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, has killed in Gaza last month.

What happens after recent Gaza War?

Both Israel and Hamas declared victory at the end of the 11-day battle. Israel is claiming to have killed nearly 30 senior Hamas commanders and destroyed 340 of their rocket launchers and 130 km.

In sense of investigations, both sides had charged with war crimes. Hamas for indiscriminate rocket launches on Israeli civilian areas. Although, 90 percent of those crossing the border intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. Israel had charged for repeated bombings of civilian areas densely populated Gaza.

Assistant director at Human Rights Watch, said there has a shift in international awareness and desire to tackle Israeli war crimes. International community should put pressure on Israel to stop this. It leaves people there with no future, no hope and their rights are violating almost daily.

To be proportionate, you need to consider whether the military benefits you expect from the bombing outweigh the harm to the civilian population. Israeli military is taking this principle far more broadly than the developers of international law never expected. World urge the ICC to address war crimes committed by all parties.

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