Saturday, December 2, 2023

Killer of JUI-F leader Arrested

Police followed a man on Monday suspected of involvement in the killing of (JUI-F) leader Jamiat Kari Ikramur Rehman and two teenagers.

They were killed on Saturday outside the Sidik-e-Akbar Mosque on Jalan Pangeran in Bahara Kahu. Police in Islamabad, in a joint operation with police in Hangu, arrested a suspect identified as Kari Shakil as he crossed the Afghan border, police said.

After the accused was arrested, who was working as a teacher at the seminary, personal animosities arose. He revealed that Kari Ikram, owner, and manager of the mosque and seminary, had fired him over an argument, police sources said.

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Kari Ikram was leaving his mosque with his 13-year-old son Samiur Rehman and a student from the Habibula Seminar (14) when gunmen opened fire on them and fled, police quoted the applicant as saying.

Karamat, the only eyewitness, told police he saw two or three attackers who shot Kari Ikram and two teenagers and fled after killing them. “Those involved in the investigation suspect Kari Shakil is involved in the murder when he disappeared after the incident,” police said.

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