Monday, December 11, 2023

Khloe Kardashian followers accuse her of Photoshopping new swim line images

After releasing the shot for its new swimwear collection that seems Photoshopped Khloe Kardashian is faced with criticism from followers.

On Tuesday, the celebrity Keeping Up Up With The Kardashians posted in a pink bikini at Instagram a snapshot of herself, where she wrote, “Teasing You Till Thursday.”

Kardashian’s feet have been shown on the picture, but many of her followers accuse her of editing since the 37-year-old dogs seem to be softened and stretched and others claim that it turns out to be a sixth toe.

Although the camera picture may have been edited, others pointed out that it may not be photoshop that appears like a sixth toe; rather, it is just the way that Kardashian’s feet form, because her sister, Kim Kardashian, had previously addressed similar confusion about whether she is in the social media with a sixth toe.

Kim also recently faced allegations of failure from Photoshop with the shapewear company KKW Beauty Mogul removing the footage of the reality star following the apparently morphological situation of her finger and tail.

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