Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Khanewal mob lynching incident: 15 key accused arrested

The police have identified and arrested the 15 key suspects in a mob lynching incident that took place in Khanewal.

According to a Punjab Police spokesperson, the arrested suspects were involved in a brutal attack on the victim with bricks and batons, according to a statement.

According to authorities, the accused have been arrested under the laws that apply to those accused of terrorism and terrible crimes.

According to authorities, they are arresting and identifying more people suspected of the Khanewal incident with the use of surveillance footage.

The police agency has arrested a total of 85 individuals and is in the process of identifying the primary perpetrators of lynching.

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According to authorities, the chief minister of Punjab and the Inspector General of Police are personally watching the police operation to arrest the perpetrators of the event.

Earlier, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Religious Harmony, stated that the prime minister himself was keeping track of the progress of the investigation into the incident.

In total, 62 people, including the major accused, have been arrested, according to the police chief. According to Ashrafi, “this culture of being a judge and executioner should immediately come to an end.”

In his words, “an enraged crowd has slain a mentally disabled person, even a criminal could not have been murdered in this manner.”

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