Monday, December 11, 2023

Khalil Ur Rehman: Controversial Writer Under Fire For ‘Abusing’ A Television Participant

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, Pakistani author and director turned into all the rage since his hit dramatization sequential ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’. Acquired both analysis and great comments. Be that as it may, alongside his accounts, the man stays in features for his injurious tone and language towards ladies. 

Khalil ur Rehman. Image Source: Twitter Fan Page

He has by and by got features when he made trouble with a female specialist. Ailia Zehra on a live syndicated program. 

The author was welcome to a syndicated program Bolta Lahore alongside legal counselor Naheed Baig and writer Ailia Zehra. The subject of conversation encompassed marriage. And how it has been molded by our general public. 

During the conversation, Qamar lost his cool over the discussion on four relationships in Islam. All the more thus, he got rowdy with Zehra. 

At the point when Zehra discussed how men exploit Islam for their own profit. And legitimize their problematic demonstrations for the sake of their religion. The Mere Pass Tum Ho author smoldered with outrage.

It is relevant to make reference to that Islam permits a man to have four spouses. In any case, this strict advantage accompanies obligations. He should likewise satisfy his obligations towards his spouses. Regardless of that, in our general public, we for the most part see spouses leaving their first wife for the second. 

Seeing Zehra feature the truth in her discussion, Qamar lost his temper. And began acting up with Zehra. 

And so much for regarding ladies! 

The dubious author started yelling as loud as possible. At the point when the host requested that he talk consciously. Nevertheless he just left the show. 

He called Zehra a “Crude Agent”

According to the subtleties, he further disparaged in the wake of going behind closed doors. Purportedly, when the group took a stab at persuading him to return, he heaved chauvinist slurs against the female specialists. He ventured to call Zehra a ‘Crude Agent’. 

Here is the video.

For instance Qamar left the studio in exceptional displeasure. And furthermore told the maker that his activities were supported. Whereas he asserted that Zehra had not ‘welcomed him’ when he entered the studio. 

The casualty Zehra took to Twitter to portray the difficulty. Certainly Ailia shared the clasp on her Twitter and said it was a ‘terrible experience with poisonous manliness. 

Qamar is known for his messy sexist assertions. A year ago, during a conversation on the Aurat March. Qamar glaringly manhandled the writer Marvi Sirmed on a program. Prior, while talking about his dramatization which shows a duping spouse and a decent husband. Qamar gave his input on what he thinks sexual orientation correspondence and woman’s rights. Additionally contacting the subject of treachery and ‘great lady’. His incredible remarks unquestionably shook the whole web-based media.

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