Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kevin Spacey denies sexual allegations against him in civil trial

Kevin Spacey continues to insist that he is not guilty and denies allegations against him in his civil trial for sexual assault. The House of Cards actor has denied ever grabbing Anthony Rapp and claimed that the report by NBC news is ‘not true.

Rapp filed the action in 2020 for damages of up to $40 million, including compensatory and punitive. In this case, there are no criminal penalties. Whereas, Spacey called his upbringing humiliating and horrifying throughout his evidence. He discussed his strained connection with his father and his difficult childhood.

Spacey told the court, “My father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. I had forced to listen to hours and hours and hours of my father’s racist speeches. I never invited any of my schoolmates around for fear that my father would launch into a racist rant. Moreover, I have never talked about these things publicly.”

The sexual trial of Kevin Spacey revealed that he too had struggled with his sexuality due to his father’s far-right views.His father used to rage at him over the thought that he may be gay. He would use a f term that was quite disparaging to the LGBT community.

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