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Kevin Hart discusses comedy in a ‘cancel culture’

Kevin Hart thinks everyone should be conscious of their jokes and learn from their failures.

On November 21, 2022, Hart, 43, appeared on The Verywell Mind Podcast to discuss his Audible Original book Monsters and How to Tame Them.

Hart said he must be “more careful” with his jokes in “cancel culture.”

Let’s be honest, many adjustments were needed, right? We should all prioritise awareness. Hart: “Being conscious.” “We’re coming to understand each other; respect should accompany that.”

“There’s more sensitivity now,” he said. “There is a higher degree of opinion today because social media has given people outlets to express themselves.”

“Now you’re hearing stuff we don’t hear often,” he said. You hear talks you weren’t aware of because they’re live.

We must laugh at ourselves, nevertheless.

The comedian said he strives to be an example of “transparency” and “authenticity.”

“There’s a line that’s been established, and some individuals are tiptoeing around it,” said Hart. “We must find a balance so we can all stand on this line, regardless of side, and grasp hands, knowing we mean no harm.” That’s the goal.

The Central Intelligence Agency actor said people should have second chances to learn from their mistakes.

“We forget that the world must offer improvement.” What the hell was going on? he wondered.

“If everything is horrible once it’s done and you can’t do anything else because you did it, what the hell?” You must make mistakes to learn and have real-life examples to build from.

People said that Hart was criticised when he was named the Oscars host in 2018. Twitter users retweeted his abusive messages from a decade ago. Hart resigned.

Last year, the comic told the Sunday Times, “What, three or four times?” Nonsense. If you let it, it will. Personally? No way! I know humans exist. All things can change.

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