Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kenyan journalist trusts Pakistani investigators more than Kenyan police in Arshad Sharif case

A leading Kenyan crime reporter said the Pakistani fact-finding team will produce more results than the Kenyan authorities and that Khurram and Waqar Ahmad are the most critical witnesses.

Ngina Kirori has investigated Arshad Sharif’s murder since the beginning. She has more hope in Pakistan than in Kenyan investigators because she has seen “loopholes” in Kenyan police statements and contradictions from Khurram Ahmad, Waqar Ahmed, and the Pakistan High Commission.

She told The News that the truth will surface. I don’t think it will come from the police or key witnesses like Khurram Ahmed, but I’m convinced the Pakistani probe (led by the FIA’s Ather Waheed and the IB’s Omar Shahid Hamid) will shed additional information. I won’t expect it soon, though, because much depends on Khurram Ahmad’s formal testimony. “Independent groups are vital.”

Ngina Kirori says Arshad Sharif was killed on his way to Nairobi from AmmoDump Shooting Range.

She said the police claimed they blocked the Magadi Road, but there were only small stones and no blockade; there was no official road block; Khurram Ahmad was not Arshad Sharif’s brother; GSU officers don’t block roads and don’t man road blocks; and the National Police Service (NPS) made misleading statements.

The journalist said the NPS hasn’t issued a comment, the post-mortem report hasn’t been released, and Pakistan found a bullet in Arshad Sharif’s body and that he was shot at close range.

Ngina Kirori suspected the Kenya police, Khurram Ahmad, and Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi created a similar story for their own interests.

She said, “Everyone agreed.” Pakistan’s High Commission denied Arshad Sharif was fleeing persecution. All totaled. “Tourist,” they said. Pakistan’s high commissioner stated that they don’t want to harm relations. Since then, discrepancies have suggested something deeper.

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