Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Kendall Jenner claps back at social media users for criticizing her dress

Kendall Jenner recently attened her best friend Lauren Perez‘s wedding and wore black dress which trolled by social media users. Many Instagram users reacted on Kendall Jenner’s clothing after Perez shared a photo of her and her pals. Supermodel Bella Hadid also included in photo on the social media post.

Her Kardashians alum dressed up in her Mônot LBD sparking outrage throughout the internet. Commenters expressed their displeasure by labelling the gown as inappropriate for the occasion. Many supporters of Kendall Jenner on the other hand defended the dress and took aim at the critics.

Kendall didn’t hold back either when it came to responding to one of the criticisms she received for her outfit. One user said, “I feel bad for you”, while another added, “#cringe”. The supermodel obvi sought for your approval in advance.

You can see Kendall Jenner’s dress HERE

Kendall and her companions appeared to be having a great time at the wedding based on the images. The images were captioned by Perez “The most anticipated event of the year. The new year has begun”. The bride and groom, as well as Kendall and Bella’s pals, were lauded by fans in the comments section.

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