Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Kelsey Parker wears a wedding ring despite dating rumors

Kelsey Parker has been pictured with a particular wedding ring since dating a convicted killer months after the death of her late husband, Tom Parker.

The Wanted star’s wife was spotted conversing on her phone in her parked car near their Bolton home this morning.

Sean Boggans, 32, killed a stranger with a single blow outside an east London pub in 2013.

Boggans is dating Kelsey eight months after her husband’s death from brain cancer.

Kelsey, who was not wearing makeup and had her hair in a ponytail, was seen leaving her house after hearing the news.

Shaun McDermott, 44, died after being punched by an electrician following a taxi dispute outside a Romford pub.

Since losing her husband to cancer eight months ago, she has revealed that life on her own is “difficult.”

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