Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Reason Behind Double Release of New Singles From Upcoming Album

American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson has announced the release of her two latest singles “Me” and “Mine” from her upcoming album Chemistry, set to be released on June 23. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the 39-year-old singer shared the inspiration behind the double release of her new tracks.

“Having chemistry with someone is an incredible, and overwhelming, feeling. It’s like you have no choice in the matter. You are just drawn to each other. This can be good and bad,” wrote Kelly in her post. She went on to explain why she chose to release both “Me” and “Mine” together. “This album takes you down every path that chemistry could lead you down. We decided to release “mine” and “me” at the same time because I didn’t want to release just one song to represent an entire album or relationship,” she continued. “There are many stages of grief and loss on this album. Each song is a different stage and emotional state.”

Kelly’s upcoming album, Chemistry, is highly anticipated by her fans, and the release of these two singles has only added to their excitement. Her unique and powerful voice, coupled with her honest and heartfelt lyrics, has won her millions of fans around the world. With her new album, she promises to take her fans on a journey through the various stages of a relationship, from the beginning stages of attraction to the pain of heartbreak.

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