Thursday, March 30, 2023

Katy Perry reacted to her viral twitching moment on Vegas stage

Katy Perry noticed a visible twitch in her eye as she halted short during her show on Sunday night as part of her Play Las Vegas stage performance. The ‘Roar’ singer asserts that her eyes are OK, despite the fact that she was recently the focus of an internet meme.

As the celebrity stood in her outfit made of soda cans and pop tabs, her left eye began to close on its own. It forced the singer to try to fix it as her right eye continued to blink.

A video footage of the event that has taken by a fan are available for everyone. Whereas, Katy Perry can heard commanding the audience to make much more noise for her band. Katy Perry never loses her composure throughout the heated discussion about Vegas stage.

Perry laughed off the incident and used it as an opportunity to promote further upcoming performances of the play. In response to the widely shared video, Perry addressed the issue on his Instagram account.

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