Saturday, December 9, 2023

Katie Price’s botched plastic surgery

Over her 26 years in the entertainment world, Katie Price has been linked with plastic operations.

At the outset of her glamorous career, she started with a breast increase with her Alter-ego Jordan – and since then, she spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic ‘tweaks.’

In the last several years, the celebrity has been subject to whole-body liposuction, liposuction beneath her chin and fat injected into the back after jetting into Turkey.

Wound Leakage

In 2019, Katie has reportedly been compelled to seek a doctor when her facelift injuries become infected and her pus begins to ooze.

But one week later, after waking up and seeing her pillow covered in yellow gunk which had drained from her operational incisions, She grew concerned about her face.

Red Skin

In 2019, Katie suffered to have all of her social media followers removed her “rotten” surgical sutures off her camera by then friend Kris-Boyson.

Personal trainer Kris did not return the sensation, though, and shook: “They’re nasty.

Boobs Botched

Katie Price has already talked about a botched widening of the breast that left her seats “deformed,”
In 1995, Katie, who had her first operation, claims she had been given a free breast augmentation in Turkey and she chose to take up the proposal.

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