Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kathy Griffin has been released from the hospital

Following her cancer diagnosis, Kathy Griffin is home from the hospital. She recently announced that she had stage one cancer in her left lung and required to remove half the organ, but she has returned home today following her operation. The 60-year-old comic.

Sharing a footage of her reunion with her dogs on her Instagram account, she quoted it as “Home from the hospitable and welcomed a certified PAWfessional healthcare package from my board.”

She “never smoked” in Kathy’s first position and stated physicians were “optimistic” to fight her cancer and to keep having “normal function with breathing.”

She continued, “I must say something to you guys. I got cancer. I got cancer. Half my left lung will be removed, I’m going to have surgery. Yes, even though I never smoked, I have lung cancer!

“The doctors are extremely hopeful since the first stage is my left lung. It is really optimistic. Afterwards I hope I will have no chemo or radiation and with my breathing I should work normally.”

She also expressed the expectation that following the procedure, she would heal completely and anticipated that she would “run as normal” within a month.

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