Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Kate Middleton makes ‘intense’ eye contact on outing

Kate Middleton’s recent royal visit was the first state visit of King Charles III’s reign. On November 22, three parents received the South African president in London.

Body language expert Judi James commented on the couple’s latest outing, saying, “There are some out-of-character signals of anxiety on Kate’s face as she sits in the car on her way to meet their guest for their first state visit as Prince and Princess of Wales.” “

“She hangs back while William advances to greet their visitor, but when she steps forward, her handshake appears slickly professional, with an extended arm and a lifted hand with her thumb on the clasp,” Judi said, citing Express.

“She makes intense eye contact and smiles naturally,” said the specialist. Kate’s posture beside the President shows confidence and a camera connection.

“She poses with her hands clasped in front, mirroring her husband’s position, but she also poses with her arms dropping at her sides,” the expert said.

“The raised eyebrow is a greater camera signal than the regal smile.”

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