Sunday, June 4, 2023

Kate Middleton Makes First Speech as Colonel of Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day

Princess Kate Middleton made history on St. Patrick’s Day as she made her debut speech as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Taking over from Prince William, who was made Colonel of the Regiment by Queen Elizabeth in 2011, Kate seemed a little nervous ahead of her speech, as a viral video on TikTok revealed.

Despite her nerves, Kate’s speech was well-received, and she spoke about the importance of the Irish Guards in the British Army and their role in the community. The Princess of Wales has been attending the annual Irish Guards’ St. Patrick’s Day parade since her marriage, but this year marked the first time she attended as Colonel of the Regiment.

Kate’s appointment as the new Colonel of the Irish Guards was announced by King Charles in December last year. She has since taken on her new role with enthusiasm, and her speech on St. Patrick’s Day was just one of many duties she will undertake as the Colonel of the Regiment.

The viral video of Kate’s nervousness before her speech has been widely shared on social media, with over 4 million views in just 72 hours on TikTok alone. But despite the attention, Kate’s speech marked a significant moment for the Irish Guards and for the Princess of Wales, who is proving herself to be a worthy successor to Prince William in her new role.

In the coming months, Kate Middleton will continue to fulfill her duties as Colonel of the Irish Guards, and we can expect to see her attending more events and taking on new responsibilities within the regiment.

Overall, Kate’s debut speech as Colonel of the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day was a significant moment in her royal career, and it marks the start of a new chapter for both Kate and the regiment.

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