Thursday, February 22, 2024

Kate Middleton avoids the spotlight on her royal visit

Kate Middleton welcomed Cyril Ramaphosa to the UK on Tuesday. Body language expert Darren Stanton spotted the new Princess of Wales’ toned-down appearance during her encounter with the lawmaker.

Darren told Slingo, “We envisage Kate wearing plum or maroon clothing, which is proportional to her status as a future queen and senior Royal Family member.”

It’s not a bright red or blue, and she’s not trying to stand out. The expert said Kate and William reminded him of “trained dancers.”

“There’s a great official photo of William and Kate standing with South Africa’s president,” he said.

“What’s noticeable about this photo is how William and Kate are standing in relation to the president.” It’s a fantastic shot where everyone is smiling genuinely.

“However, the Prince and Princess of Wales both thrust their hands forward, matching and mimicking each other automatically, which shows they are both on the same page, thinking the same thing, and acting almost like professional dancers,” the expert said.

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