Friday, December 1, 2023

Karachi Police is offering a million rupee prize for Car Thieves

A total of nine auto thieves have been arrested and charged with millions of rupees in the Karachi Police Department.

The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of the municipal police has written to high-ranking officials requesting head money for the infamous car thieves who have been on the run for years.

According to a police source, it also made their photographs public. Nine notorious auto thieves have been identified and a reward of Rs. 64 million has been offered by the police.

The suspects are also wanted for a variety of other offences. They are Kashif Abro alias Anwar Ali, Imran Bhayo, Nazeer Bhayo, and Akbar Ali Bhayo. Kashif Abro alias Anwar Ali is the leader of the group.

Mujahid Jamal Mirani will receive Rs. 5 million, Mumtaz Bhayo will receive Rs. 3 million, and Muhammad Khan Mallah will receive Rs. 2 million.

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