Saturday, December 2, 2023

Karachi Circular Railway has successfully completed its testing cycle

Pakistan Railways successfully launched the test run of the Karachi Circuit Railway (KCR) from the city train station to Orangi on Friday.

The trials, which were carried out prior to the connection of the 14-kilometer runway, were monitored by KCR employees and technicians.

A statement by Pakistan Railways said media reports of a derailment during the Shershah trials and incident were false, adding that the test trains were running smoothly to and from Orangi Station and the City Railway Station.

The statement made it clear that a 30-minute pause near Shershah was scheduled to check operating parameters but was misunderstood as an alleged derailment and accident.
The KCR currently operates between the City Station and the Pipri Station on the Pakistan Railway Main Line I, which will soon cover a route from City Station to Orange City.

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