Monday, May 29, 2023

Kanye West Returns to Instagram with Cryptic Post Confusing Fans

  • Kanye West returns to Instagram after being kicked off multiple times for violating guidelines.
  • The rapper posted a cryptic picture of a Balenciaga fashion show model and asked fans to caption it.
  • Adidas faces a massive $500 million unsold Yeezy stock after West’s split, causing an estimated $1.3 billion profit loss.

Kanye West has returned to Instagram after being booted out due to sharing a song about his anti-Semitic controversy. However, his comeback was not straightforward, as the rapper confused fans with a cryptic post.

Kanye West shared a picture of a slender runway model sporting a slim-fitting grey outfit with shocking red glasses. He captioned the post, “Write a caption….” hinting towards his 18 million followers to help him come up with a slick caption.

While some fans were thrilled to see West back on Instagram, others were left confused by the post. The picture belonged to Balenciaga’s Winter 2023 fashion show in Paris, leading many to speculate about West’s intentions.

Balenciaga was among several A-list endorsements that showed the door to West after he made anti-Semitic rants. It remains unclear whether West’s post was an attempt to make amends or mock an already burned bridge.

In other news, Adidas faces a significant challenge after Kanye West’s split, as the German brand is sitting on a $500 million unsold Yeezy stock. Several analysts estimated product mass at approximately $300 million to $500 million.

In return, the company is expected to shed up to $1.3 billion in profit losses in the current year. According to Financial Times, the Yeezy brand was raking in almost $2 billion in revenue in a year, making it a substantial part of Adidas’s business.

The abruptness of West’s split has caused a significant impact on Adidas’s business, with analysts calling it dramatic.

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