Sunday, December 10, 2023

Kanye West has shifted to Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta

The Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta is the new location of Kanye West. The 44-year-old rapper Kanye West held his new album ‘Donda‘ recently at the stadium, and now he has allegedly been moving around the building while placing the last touches of the record when he finds it “inspiring.”

One insider told TMZ: “You’re still in the building, and a studio, living rooms and even a chef have Kanye and his crew built their food into MBS.”

During the whole weekend, he had the same red attire he had for his hearing game against Atlanta United football.

Meanwhile, he and Jay Z showed up behind them, as Jay features on the album, marking the first cooperation in five years of Drake’s 2016 hit ‘Pop Style.’ He and Jay Z put their animosity behind. Jay joined them in the first time.

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