Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kanye West becomes “misogynistic, right-winged against women”? “No Me-Too”

A witness to Kanye West’s unedited chat with David Letterman has spoken up about his disturbing views on women and right-wing politics.

Noah Reich, an audience member from Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’s second season, spoke up about Kanye West’s “misogynistic” views in 2019.

Reich says that Kanye talked about his mental health, Drake’s “fight,” Rihanna, blaming the victim, and people who support Donald Trump.

He also expressed his anxieties of being “Me Too-ed” like a friend.

Reich told The Wrap, “It was astonishing to see that Kanye West could discuss detrimental alt-right beliefs, conspiracy theory after conspiracy, and misogynistic beliefs about women for the bulk of the interview and end up with an edit that deleted all those issues in favor of celebrity fluff content.”

Kanye’s Nazi statements prompted audience members to chant “because they are Nazis” throughout the taping.

He also told the site that he’s “not aware of what legalities they’re dealing with.”

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