Sunday, October 1, 2023

Kamal Haasan’s digital avatar enters the metaverse

As celebrities aim to expand their fan bases into the virtual world, Kamal Haasan will become the first Indian actor to debut a metaverse avatar.

On his birthday, Haasan said he was “eager to study the developing convergence of the digital and physical worlds.”

On undefined day, he plans to auction off virtual memorabilia in the form of non-fungible tokens.

The actor will have his own world created by celebrity NFT platform Fantico, the announcement said.

It will let fans engage with his digital avatars, buy mementos, and meet him in-game.

A legend like Kamal Haasan on our platform would only inspire other creators to embrace fan involvement, says Fantico founder Abhayanand Singh.

According to NFT trading platform Guardian Link, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan raised just under $970,000 via an auction of his digital collectibles last week.

NFTs — digital works of art, music, animation, photographs, or video with a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity — have risen in recent months.

Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the metaverse was the future of the internet.

Haasan is a huge star in India’s Tamil-language film business, where he also produces, directs, and sings.

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