Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kalashnikov maker targets hipsters with ‘Gadget Gun’

Kalashnikov maker targets hipsters with fully equipped gun released last summer.

The built-in computer offers a number of functions. Including a timer recording the number of shots and hits. Also the time and rate of fire, and the number of targets hit.

MOSCOW: The Kalashnikov group, which makes AK-47 assault rifles, plans to target hipsters and young people with gadget-packed rifles, the director said Tuesday.

Kalashnikov director Dmitry Tarasov said the group has developed a 12-gauge semi-automatic rifle called the MP-155 Ultima, which has a built-in computer and can teach the user to fire.

“This is the first gadget weapon. Its job is to attract an audience who is born with the device and cannot imagine without it,” Tarasov said in an interview with the business newspaper.

“Classic hunting is getting rare, even unusual. That’s why I wanted to … include Generation Z hipsters,” he said, referring to those born in the mid-1990s. “I really want these people to have arms and fire them responsibly.”

Kalashnikov maker targets hipsters but the expected price for the new high-tech rifle, which was first unveiled at a military show outside Moscow last summer, is 100,000 rubles ($1,348).

It can be adapted to devices such as compasses and video cameras. Also it can record videos with its “eye” before the transfer information to the smartphone in real time. Tarasov said.

The Kalashnikov Group is Russia’s largest arms producer and part of the state defense conglomerate Rostec.

Furthermore the group said they produced about 95 percent of “all Russian small arms.”

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