Monday, April 15, 2024

Kabul airport is crowded as Afghans make a last-ditch attempt to leave

American military fired bullets in the air and all commercial flights on Kabul Airport were grounded on Monday as hundreds of Afghanistan swarmed into the tarmac in an attempt to catch a flight after the Taliban takeover.

Dramatic images from social media revealed a pandemonium on the path, with individuals squatting up an already congested hunch of air stairs.

It has been a desperate attempt to fly into a parked aircraft and flee the town a day after the fall of the administration.

Those that ascended the steps successfully assisted others up, when a throng of hundreds watched, while others hanged by their hands from the escalators.

In the capital, panicked family took over packed bags, and the children were scared in tow.

This generated a great deal of turmoil that US forces shot into the air in an effort to restore order and cancelled all commercial aircraft.

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