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Justice Isa’s Wife Threatened and Harassed at Home

Sarnia Isa, the wife of Justice Qazi Faez Isa, has said that four men, two of them claimed to be from the Ministry of Interior and the other two claims to be from the intelligence agency, have harassed and intimidated her at her home in Karachi, according to reports.

She stated that the incident occurred on December 29, 2021, in a three-page letter addressed to the Ministers of Defense and Interior Ministries, as well as the Inspector General of Sindh and the Secretary of Sindh Home Department, in which she claimed the incident occurred.

She claims that two guys entered her home in Defence Phase-V, Karachi, at around 12:15 p.m., while she was monitoring repair work and her daughter was present. She claims that the men demanded money from her and that she refused to give them anything.

A four-page form to fill out was delivered to the judge’s wife by two men who claimed to be from an intelligence agency, according to the judge’s wife. The document did not include the name of any intelligence agency, she added.

“I requested that they provide me with a written authorization that would allow them to visit my home and speak with me, but they refused to comply. It was the same when I requested for their visiting cards or copies of their identification cards, and they refused to provide them to me ” she explained.

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The judge’s wife described the intrusion as “shocking” and that she and her daughter were “shocked” by it.

Shortly after the other visitors had left, two more men entered her home, claiming to be from the “intelligence department” and sent by the Ministry of Interior. She had been “very scared” by the earlier visitors and was “still quite shaken” by the subsequent ones.

The judge’s wife asked these men the same questions a second time — their visiting cards, or copies of their identification cards and written authorization, — but they refused to present her with any information or documentation.

“At a very sensitive and stressful moment in my life, I am being harassed and intimidated, and my home and dignity are being invaded,” she stated. “The threatening, frightening, and coercive methods against me and my family continue,” she added.

The judge’s wife sought an explanation from the secretaries of the Ministries of Defence and Interior as to why such an occurrence occurred, and she also demanded that an investigation be launched against the four men by the Inspector-General of Sindh and the secretary of the Sindh Home Department.

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