Friday, December 1, 2023

Julia Fox describes Kanye’s manhood

Julia Fox is giving away sensitive information regarding her relationship with Kanye West, including private secrets.

On Sunday’s episode of “Ziwe,” the Uncut Gems actor helped the show’s host talk about how big the rapper’s manhood is.

The host, Ziwe, requested that they “tell me when to quit.”

After that, Fox, who is 32 years old, assisted her in describing the width with her hands until she reached a length that appeared to be one foot long.

“Oh, my God!” The words “hate comes in all sizes” were yelled by Ziwe.

This comes after Fox admitted that the main reason she started dating Kanye West was to get him to pay less attention to his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

She stated this in a TikTok video that she posted on Monday (November 21), saying, “I recognised very early that he wasn’t going to take my help.” When you guys said that I should have done something to stop him, I sounded almost as stupid as you guys do. But I am aware that I was fooling myself when I felt that I could be of use to him.

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