Saturday, March 25, 2023

High Court reduced penalty for actress Juhi Chawla in 5G legal case

The Delhi High Court cleared Juhi Chawla of accusations that she filed a legal case to stop the rollout of India’s 5G wireless network. The actress’ punishment has lowered from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 2 lakh by a two-judge panel. They found that Chawla had not raised the issue in a ‘frivolous or casual’ manner.

Ms Chawla claimed that she raised the issue in full seriousnes. She remarked, ‘I did not anticipate the proceedings to carry on in the way they have”. As a result, court strike out the judge’s remarks on Juhi Chawla, particularly those in paragraphs 41 and 43.

Furthermore, if court think the plaint to be meritless, they have tempted to keep some of the expenditures for themselves. To help the Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Ms. Chawla has offered to serve for free. She intends to advocate for the rights of women who are unable to afford a lawyer. She considers it an honour to be a part of their projects.

Earlier this year, Juhi Chawla voiced her concerns and filed legal case about the potential dangers of 5G technology.

She stated that her goal was not to stop 5G technology in India. However, she requested that the authorities issue a certification to the general public that 5G technology is safe for humans, animals, plants, flora and wildlife.

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