Thursday, February 22, 2024

Judge Ayesha Malik is likely to become the first female Supreme Court judge in the court’s 74-year existence

Judge Ayesha Malik of the Lahore High Court is scheduled to become Pakistan’s first female judge in the 74-year history of the country.

The ruling would take place during the Judicial Commission meeting on 9 August, led by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed of Pakistan, sources stated.

Sources say that Justice Mushir Alam of SC is likely to retire on 17 August, and the agency is contemplating nominating Justice Malik to judge the highest court.

The LHC Seniority List includes Justice Malik number four.

Native of Paris, New York, and Karachi, Malik completed her primary education at the website in 1966.

She studied law at Pakistan College of Law in Lahore and finished her BCom from the Government College of Commerce and Economics, Karachi.

She holds a law degree with Fakhurddin G Ebrahim and works at Harvard Law School. In the Supreme Courts, district courts, bank courts, tribunals and arbitration courts, Justice Malik appeared.

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