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Journalists continue to protest for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman


RAWALPINDI / KARACHI / MULTAN / PESHAWAR: Journalists and workers from the Geo-Jang group continued their nationwide protest Thursday against the illegal and unjustified detention of group editor Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

They were joined by organizations of journalists, representatives of civil society. The protests last for 216 days.

With slogans and banners for the release of editor-in-chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, protesters at the peaceful protest pledged that Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s justice movement would continue until his release.

The chairman of the joint action committee of the Islamabad group workers Geo-Jang and the chairman of the Jang workers’ union, Rawalpindi Nasir Chisti, told the protest camp outside the Jang-The News office in Rawalpindi. The group’s workers were determined by the success of their movement for justice for Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

Editor-in-chief Jang Rawalpindi Hanif Khalid hopes Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman will be released soon.

RIUJ Secretary General Asif Ali Bhatti said the editor has always supported the workers’ cause and that is why all workers stood up for justice for him. Lead journalist Jang Rawalpindi Rana Ghulam Qadir said the media in the country is still under pressure. He said that despite all expectations, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman has never compromised his position of principle in favor of media freedom in the country. A Jang Munir Shah employee said the PTI government has written a new story about victimization by using state organs against the media. Malik Nusrat, an employee of the Jang group, said that not only journalist organizations in the country, but also international journalists and human rights organizations supported the editor.

Among the others present in the protest camp were Amjad Abbassi, Kamal Shah, Naseerul Haq, Azhar Sulatn, Aslam Butt, Athar Naqvi and other social and political workers, in addition to workers from Jang and The News.

KARACHI: Speaking at the protest for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, Sindh chairman of the Workers’ Protection Organization, Muhammad Ali, urged the government to stop its revenge campaign against independent media.

Ali said the Jang-Geo group has always stood for the truth and this is the only reason why he is being punished. He demanded the immediate release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman from prison.

Journalists and president of the Organization for Human Welfare Akram Bhatti said the entire journalist community and the cross-section of society would take to the streets to protest if Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman was not released.

He said the editor of Jang-Geo was languishing in prison without charge. He added that the made-up case against Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman revolved around a 34-year private transaction that is a sham in light of the seven-month detention.

The General Secretary of the Pakistan All Newspaper Employees Confederation Shakil Yamin Kanga, General Secretary of the Press Employees Union Dara Zafar and APNEC Karachi Vice President Rana Yusuf also spoke. during the rally.

MULTAN: Civil society activists, journalists and workers from the Jang-Geo group held a protest on Nusrat Street on Thursday against the illegal detention of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and demanded his immediate release.

Members of the Nan association and its chairman Mirza Naeem also joined the demonstration and expressed solidarity with the protesters. The protesters carried signs and banners with slogans against the illegal detention of Geo-Jang Group editor Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

They also launched slogans for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Naeem Baig addressed the protesters saying that the current government is damaging institutions and cracking down on democratic norms in society.

He said the government is undermining the media in the country. He said the arrest of Geo and Jang group editor Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is damaging the country’s largest media group. He said the journalism community and civil society would not allow the government to undermine the media.

He said a free press is necessary for democracy in the country. He said the arrest of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, editor of Geo and Jang Group, in an unfounded ownership case revealed partial responsibility in the country.

Zafar Aheer, Nisar Awan, Shahdat Malik, Mirza Ehtisham Baig, Aqil Chaudhry, Tahir Yousaf, Masood Chaudhry, Zahid Qureshi, Nadeem Shah and others attended the protest.

PESHAWAR: Journalists on Thursday called for the release of Jang Group editor Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman as they continued to protest his arrest.

They gathered on the lawn in front of the offices of Daily Jang, The News and Geo TV to record the protest. Protesters held up banners, posters and slogans calling for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, who had been in prison since March 12. Arshad Aziz Malik, Yousaf Ali, Shakeel Farman Ali, Farmanullah Jan, Salim Kashmiri, Gohar Ali, Amjad Hadi, Qaiser Khan, Ehtesham Toru and others spoke on the occasion.

They felt Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf government for the victims of the Jang Media Group and its boss Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Speakers said Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman had been held on false charges for the past 218 days. They criticized the National Accountability Office (NAB) for pressuring opposition political parties and independent media to appease the government.

Speakers asked why the NAB was unaware of major corruption scandals such as wheat flour, sugar, Malam Jabba dirt, the Billion Tree Tsunami and the Bus Rapid Transit Project they said. , showed the biased approach to the fight against corruption. Body.

The protesters pleaded with Pakistan’s Supreme Court to hear the case and bring justice to Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, who had been behind bars for seven months.

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