Thursday, April 18, 2024

Johnny Vegas is concerned about getting canceled

The 50-year-old comic Johnny Vegas, whose actual name is Michael Pennington, is thinking of retiring because he is concerned about his jokes being “taken out of context.”

“I’m worried about being taken out of context now,” he added. What should you do if something is misinterpreted? When you’re being ironic, is that the end of your career? It’s a huge issue that’s on the horizon, and I have to deal with it. In a positive sense, it will force me to sit down and think about stand-up, where Johnny is, where I am, and what I want to accomplish with comedy.

He said on the podcast Richard Herring: “It will be a fight, but it comes out like Michael. What I want to accomplish. I’m confident as Michael while I’m conducting. As Michael or Johnny, I want to feel confident. “Now that’s me, I want to say. I moved a little on. I’ve only changed a little.'”

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