Friday, December 1, 2023

Amber Heard’s nurse exposes violent acts of Johnny Depp in leaked documents

Nothing concerning Johnny Depp and Amber Heard‘s divorce is still a secret to the public. They have nothing to hide since everyone knows exactly what they think about their relationship. Now, a purportedly explosive statement from the nurse of the Aquaman actress revealed violent acts of Johnny Depp.

Some of the most unbelievable violent acts of Johnny Depp have exposed, from defecating in bed to getting aggressive on the stairs. In addition to the trial in Virginia for the 2018 op-ed, Johnny and Amber have embroiled in a defamation suit. Both investigations have uncovered shocking details of adultery, threats and narcotics that are enough to give anyone the chills.

The deposition of Amber Heard’s nurse, Lisa Beane, has made public. Thanks to the unsealing of a court document that had previously kept under seal from Johnny Depp’s worldwide following. She said of one of their violent arguments, “Johnny Depp was in a frenzy and throwing stuff at the time.”

Reportedly considering the full deposition in Amber Heard’s favor to be secret, Johnny Depp chose not to play it for the court. Moreover, Amber Heard’s upcoming professional appearance is in Aquaman 2. Reshoots reportedly involve a different actress in the role of Mera, who has not yet named.

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